No Parking in the metered area, and on the Tuesday side of the street.

The police department has placed no parking signs on the meters in the metered downtown area on Monday 13 March 2017 so that snow can be removed from the downtown area in a timely manner. Once the snow starts residents are requested to move their cars from the metered area.
The No Parking Ordinance will be enforced so that the streets can be cleaned.
On Tuesdays – No Parking:
  • the even numbered side (the northeastern side) of King Street, Hanover Street, Wallace Street, and North Avenue.
  • the odd numbered side (the southwestern side) of Queen Street, Orange Street, and Prince Street
  • the even numbered side (the southeastern side) of Priestley Avenue, Water Street, Front Street, Second Street, Fourth Street, and Sixth Street and Eighth Street
  • the odd numbered side (the northwestern side) of Third Street, Fifth Street, and Seventh Street
  • the sides of King Street across from the King Street park